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We are dedicated to using quality product as well as providing quality customer service. Speak to a restoration expert to find out exactly how to maximize the resale or rental value of your equipment. We pride ourselves in having expert knowledge of the heavy equipment industry giving you the best service in San Diego County..


We've been in the heavy equipment industry for over 25 years. With a strong dedication to customer service and a "do it right the first time" attitude you are sure to get the best service from us. 

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A little About the 3-Part Process

At West Coast Restore we use a 3-Part process to bring the original paint pigment back to life on most non-porous surfaces. 


  1. CLEAN - This is our first step in the restoration process. It knocks out the grime and grease to prep the paint for step 2. 

  2. PREP - Is concentrated aluminum cleaner and whitener that rips through calcium build-up. 

  3.  SHINE - This is the final step in the restoration process. Shine restores and protects paint, plastic, rubber and metal. It is a clear, self-leveling resin that goes on smooth, dries fast, and blends most imperfections bringing your equipment back to life.